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Best time to travel to Jamaica

The winter holiday season is by far the most popular time to visit Jamaica with many Americans and Europeans making the trip to this popular Caribbean vacation destination specifically to avoid the harsh cold winters of home. Travel to Jamaica during season will guarantee you meet lots of people from all over the world but it may not be the best time to take a vacation.

Peak season is often the most expensive time of the year to visit Jamaica because many resorts are booked out for the holidays and resort owners charge a premium for available spaces. The same can be said for many small business owners in Jamaica including attractions, tour guides and restaurants who may have so much business to deal with that your level of service drops.

During the summer you will find far fewer people traveling to Jamaica and you are also guaranteed to get cheaper rates on hotels, resorts and activities which may be suffering from a lack of business. Small business owners are more often happy to see customers in the traditional slow season and they are more appreciative of their guests. You are certain to receive better service during the summer when things are slow and laid back.

There are basically wo drawbacks to summer travel and one is of course the intense heat which may be to harsh for many light skinned travelers who simply cannot deal with the blazing Jamaican sun and when things get slow you often find more poor citizens out and about begging for a meal or handout but there are ways to deal with this. When I travel in Jamaica I always carry a few small bills to use as handouts for those in greater need than me. A $100 Jamaican bill is equal to about .75 cents in American and can easily feed a man.